Fliss Fame Academy 2018!


This is it
This is Fliss

This is a gift
You are it

This is getting rid of boredom
This is a chance to be awesome

This is a furthering in nurturing
This is goodness surfacing

This is talent scouting
Through a mountain of self doubting

To find the gems that exist
In each and every one of these kids

This is giving back
This is putting them right on track

This is the purpose of performing arts
It’s not just song and dance

This is confidence building
In the hearts and minds of the children

This is seven years of dedication
This is how you make a statement

This is focus and concentration
This is finding your own amazing

This is what a caring contribution
Can do for self improvement

This is thoughts to feelings
This is what helps with the healing

In our strengths we all differ
We can’t all be the same part of the picture

This was born out of a dreamscape
To let these children know they can be great

This is dreams being fulfilled
By way of developing new skills

This is an avenue of progression
To a showbiz profession

Prepared and well equipped
If this is their chosen direction

This is an escape into a zone
Far from the issues of home

This is an attempt at guidance over correction
Either way the journey and the end point are perfection

This is life changing
Through conscious engagement

This is channeling energy
Into better ways of behaving

All this and more whenever we show up
Harrow Road W2 at The Stowe Club

Give yourselves a deserved round of applause. Well done!
This is Fliss Fame Academy. You are most welcome



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