Rehearsal for new performing arts show

The children from the  Fliss’s Fame Academy rehearsing their new performing arts show for the Great Ormond Street Hospital

Art Class 2016

IMG_6344 Fliss Fame Academy children designing props for their new drama performance for Easter performing the magical film of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Westminster’s Got Talent 2015

Fliss's Fame Academy

Fliss’s Fame Academy won another dancing competition last year at the Westminster’s Got Talent Competition this gave them the opportunity to give a brilliant performance, live, at the Queens Park Festival in front of the local community. Lacey, Georgia, Elexia and Kaycee stunned the crowd with their amazing skills in street dance and with their singing performances.

Live Show @ Lord’s Cricket 2015

Live Show @ Lord’s Cricket Ground
Fliss's Fame Academy

Fliss’s Fame Academy won the London Live competition in the summer of 2015. This enabled them to perform live at Lords Cricket ground in front of thousands of people attending the England match. This was an amazing experience for the children building up their confidence, self esteem and getting to perform in such a wonderful venue getting to show off their skills and dance moves. The crowd loved the performance and gave a standing ovation.