End of Term Show summer of 2013

At the end of Summer Term 2013 the kids performed  a classic musical The Wizard of Oz! This was an amazing performance by all the children which included some of their tutors playing some of the roles. The performance was so good they all received a standing ovation at the end!

Included on the same afternoon was the very popular Cat Walk fashion show created by Fliss, staff and all the children. This gave everyone a chance to be models for the day and represent their very own famous icon. Throughout the term Fliss, tutors and the children chose a theme on famous icon’s for their fashion show, each one of them had to design there own fashion image that would represent their icon.

Including in the show they had five outstanding Street Dance performances which had been choreographed by Fliss and her street dance support worker Chloe Cassidy.
Individual and group singing performances went down really well on the afternoon, the children just love performing Lilly Santry singing ‘Adele’ Someone Like You, Molly Mcdonaugh singing ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay and Paige Tirebuck singing ‘Valerie’ by Amy Winehouse.

Xmas Show 2012

The Xmas Show 2012 was really successful the kids put on great performances with their ‘Street Dancing, Singing, Drama and the Live Kids Fashion Catwalk!’ The show attracted an audience of over one hundred and fifty people including talent scouts, talent agency’s and the local newspapers.

What’s happening @ Fliss’s Fame Academy 2013

We have a new drama class at the academy this term including a new drama teacher Miss Monica Rose. Both boys and girls ages 5 to 13 years old are welcome. The class starts at 4.45 pm –  6 pm on a Monday afternoon.

What’s happening in the new term 2013!  Monica will have a consultation with the children asking them what they would like to do in the drama class , this will include choosing a theme for their play and choosing what type of  character they would like to be. In this new term the children have decided to create their own up to date play of the famous video Wizard of Oz, adding their own  story line. They will work on making and creating their own props and costumes with our new art and design teachers Miss Emily Scales and the manager of the academy Miss Jaime Coombes. This will give the children a great chance to try out imaginative play and express themselves through acting. They have decided that they would like to add some singing into the play just like a musical ! This is  a great way for the children to use as many skills and talents that they have and to improve themselves by having fun with their fantastic dram teacher Monica rose. This  all helps to build up their confidence and self esteem, to prepare and up skill them to be able to perform in the live end of term show.  The children’s parents/carers including talent scouts with two individual talent agency’s, local newspapers and the local community will be there on the day of the show !!

Xmas Show 2011 hits the press!

Fliss’s Fame Academy Xmas Show 2011!

The local Newspaper Wood and Vale came along to the Xmas Show and captured the kids, from W2, spectacular performance on the day. They were performing ‘Street Dance’ ‘Singing’ ‘Drama’ and created and performed their own live Kids Fashion Catwalk. Many of the children were spotted by talent agency’s that were also there on the day and were given a chance to perform in top celebrity music videos!

Fliss's Fame Academy 2011

Molly Mcdonaugh singing Mariah Carey’s Santa Claus is Coming to Town!

Molly Mcdonaugh  is 14, here she is singing Mariah Carey’s  Santa Claus is Coming to Town! Here is Molly Mcdonaugh singing her little heart out for over 200 people at our Xmas show 2011! Molly had the parents and children in the audience all joining in with her to this Xmas song! What a great way to entertain everyone and get them involved with the show. Molly has overcome her nerves and shyness by attending all of her singing lessons at Fliss’s Fame Academy that runs every Wednesday afternoon based in West London W2.

‘One Plus One’ Rosie Bastein

Rosie Bastein singing a Beyonce song ‘One Plus One’ at our Xmas show back in 2011! Rosie’s confidence has grown so much over her first year with us. She has gone from a very shy young girl to a very powerful, talented and confident young lady due to attending singing sessions at Fliss’s Fame Academy…

Kid’s on the Catwalk 2012

This Term the children in the fashion and art class at Fliss’s Fame Academy had been working towards creating and performing in their own live ‘Kids Catwalk’. They chose to dress American Style! This was a great way for children to build up their confidence and self-esteem in a fun and effective way!

Fliss’s Fame Academy Summer Show 2012 live!!!!!

Having it LARGE!!!

A West London local community came together to celebrate the summer season with a fantastic performing art’s show that brings out the best in all the children that participated. The Wood and Vale local newspaper covered the event.