Fliss Fame Academy is now working alongside pro life football academy.
we will be delivering football training sessions for both boys and girls every Thursday afternoons from 4.00pm till 5.30pm for girls and 5.30pm till 7.00pm for boys, each class will run for 90minutes each.
Please find detailed below a brief about our Football School – Pro-life Football Academy – Superstar Academy
Pro-Life Football Academy – Superstar Academy is a new fast-growing Academy-Style Football School for young people looking to help them improve and giving them the opportunity to achieve their Dreams and Goals in Football. 
After successfully coaching a Girls’ Football Team for 3 1/2 years, winning our league in 3 successive seasons and after some requests from Parents’ for Private Coaching of their girls, I decided to set up our Football School to offer extra training sessions during the season where we focus on development of players both in technical ability, mind-set/mentality and confidence. I like to say ‘We look to give to improve players in all aspects, Growing them as People, Raising their Confidence whilst looking to achieve Academy Mentality from Grass-Roots Mentality’, so if they get an opportunity of a Football Club Trial, they are ready for it. 
For Girls Football, I have personal contacts at Development Centres for Chelsea, Arsenal and Reading, where players can go for extra training at a cost, with the view of achieving a Football Trial for the clubs to qualify for their Academy for the following season. One concession with Chelsea is that we are able to get a free 2-week trial period and a fast-track option to move through the grades before trials. Another key factor is because of my relationship with these clubs, we can get placements for Trials for players even if they haven’t been to the Development Centres and /or are out of the catchment area. Interestingly enough, we are hopeful within the next month to gain links with Manchester United, Manchester city and Liverpool FC – their Ladies Teams and Development Centres. We focus a lot on this part of Girls Football because due to lack of funding and awareness it is so difficult compared to the Boys…….For Boys Football, we have several contacts because the Men’s/Boy’s game is much better funded and more scots are available.
I am also an Official Talent Scout for Pass4Soccer, a company that offers a Programme for girls to gain a University Scholarship to play football in America whilst obtaining an Academic Degree. This is both an amazing project and opportunity for girls, for football and both academically and financially. The Girls, if selected, go when they are 18 but we like to get them on the programme as soon as year 9/10 because GCSE’s are a huge part of the scholarship, so it is important they gain the best results they can. We work very well with Pass4soccer and a major working development could be made soon which will increase our profile even more. If selected, Scholarships can be gained throughout America on a 4-year programme and these programmes are very education and sport based. 
We have also been approached by Slough Town FC to set up several girls Football Teams and add numbers to the Boys teams they already have. This is again a tremendous opportunity for us and for the players that we help.
This Summer has been fantastic for us, we have had 1-year Football Contracts offered to TWO girls by Reading FC plus THREE further Girls (2 with Chelsea and 1 with Reading) have been offered to go back to train with their Academy for two weeks with the view to offer them a Contract. This is such an Achievement for all parties and we are very proud, but our best accolade was that one of our Girls has qualified to play for the German National Under 15 team for next season.  Also, we entered three local Tournaments winning all of them, scoring 58 goals and only conceding 1. This is something else we can only be satisfied and proud of and is 100% down to pure hard work and commitment from our Coaches and especially the Players.
We have SIX Coaches (two female), including myself, working with us and their hard work and dedication is for all to see and shows through when we have results like this. Our Philosophy is for children to enjoy learning how to play football, offering them opportunities that they wouldn’t normally be aware of or be offered, but still keeping a focus on education and growing into good hard-working and honest young adults.