Girls football sessions
Fliss Fame Academy provides football training sessions every Friday for both boys and girls aged 7-16 years old.
Girls football sessions start from 4:30pm till 5:30pm
Boys football sessions start from 5:30pm till 6:30pm
Fliss Fame Academy’s Football sessions were created to support our young people. It will help them to build up their confidence, self esteem, overcome shyness, improve mental, emotional and physical fitness. The fast aspect of the game also encourages quick thinking & adaptability.
There are numerous health benefits to playing football. Regular sporting activity reduces body fat, strengthens bones, aids in coordination & improves stamina & concentration. It’s a great healthy habit to start as a child & continue into adulthood. Regular participation in aerobic sports like football increases longevity & decreases susceptibility to chronic illness & heart disease.

There are also many psychological & social benefits to playing football. Listening to the coaches & referee helps a child with discipline and to follow instructions. It also teaches them good sportsmanship and how to deal with the disappointment of losing.