Westbourne Summer Festival
Westbourne Summer Festival, The Canalside, Warwick Estate, Paddington, London W2.

Westbourne Summer Festival 2018 with the kids performing alongside the famous runner up ‘Gina Lidonni’ from the UK Voice Kids

Our singing classes are held every Wednesday afternoon from 4.30 pm until 5.15 pm

for both boys and girls aged 5 yrs to 14 years old …

Teacher: Shernaye Alexander is a highly trained vocal coach who works all over London performing in live shows. Shernaye is also in partnership with independent record label ‘EPE’, Effortless Progression Entertainment, where they create and write their own music, direct and produce their own music videos and showcase their own events.’

Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice and augments regular speech by the use of both tonality and rhythm. One who sings is called a singer or vocalist. Singers perform music known as songs that can be sung either with or with out accompaniment by musical instruments. Singing is often done in a group of other musicians, such as in a choir of singers with different voice ranges, or in an ensemble with instrumentalists, such as a rock group or baroque ensemble. As in many respects human song is a form of sustained speech, nearly anyone able to speak can also sing. Singing can be formal or informal, arranged or improvised. It may be done for pleasure, comfort, ritual, education, or profit. Excellence in singing requires time, dedication, instruction, and regular practice. Professional singers usually build their careers around one specific musical genre, such as classical, rock etc. They typically take voice training provided by voice teachers or vocal coaches throughout their careers.

Our singing class runs every Monday afternoon from 5.15 to 6.00pm at Fliss’s Fame Academy for both boys and girls aged from 5 to 16 years old. At the beginning of each term Fliss will sit down and have a consultation with the young person to find out what they would like to achieve from coming to our singing class, whether it be to improve their vocals, build up their confidence in performing, help them to express their emotions, have fun, or practice  with the mentors and learn about rhythm and song.

This class has been a very good way for the young people to come and express themselves emotionally,  it is a fun and very effective way to help them build up their confidence and self esteem.

Each weekly class that the young people will attend at Fliss’s Fame Academy will work to help the young person build their confidence and self esteem and help them perform in an end of term live performance , this gives the young person a chance to show their individual skills and talents and also get to show everyone what they have achieved in their singing classes.



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