End of Term Show summer of 2013

At the end of Summer Term 2013 the kids performed  a classic musical The Wizard of Oz! This was an amazing performance by all the children which included some of their tutors playing some of the roles. The performance was so good they all received a standing ovation at the end!

Included on the same afternoon was the very popular Cat Walk fashion show created by Fliss, staff and all the children. This gave everyone a chance to be models for the day and represent their very own famous icon. Throughout the term Fliss, tutors and the children chose a theme on famous icon’s for their fashion show, each one of them had to design there own fashion image that would represent their icon.

Including in the show they had five outstanding Street Dance performances which had been choreographed by Fliss and her street dance support worker Chloe Cassidy.
Individual and group singing performances went down really well on the afternoon, the children just love performing Lilly Santry singing ‘Adele’ Someone Like You, Molly Mcdonaugh singing ‘Fix You’ by Coldplay and Paige Tirebuck singing ‘Valerie’ by Amy Winehouse.

‘One Plus One’ Rosie Bastein

Rosie Bastein singing a Beyonce song ‘One Plus One’ at our Xmas show back in 2011! Rosie’s confidence has grown so much over her first year with us. She has gone from a very shy young girl to a very powerful, talented and confident young lady due to attending singing sessions at Fliss’s Fame Academy…