What’s happening @ Fliss’s Fame Academy 2013

We have a new drama class at the academy this term including a new drama teacher Miss Monica Rose. Both boys and girls ages 5 to 13 years old are welcome. The class starts at 4.45 pm –  6 pm on a Monday afternoon.

What’s happening in the new term 2013!  Monica will have a consultation with the children asking them what they would like to do in the drama class , this will include choosing a theme for their play and choosing what type of  character they would like to be. In this new term the children have decided to create their own up to date play of the famous video Wizard of Oz, adding their own  story line. They will work on making and creating their own props and costumes with our new art and design teachers Miss Emily Scales and the manager of the academy Miss Jaime Coombes. This will give the children a great chance to try out imaginative play and express themselves through acting. They have decided that they would like to add some singing into the play just like a musical ! This is  a great way for the children to use as many skills and talents that they have and to improve themselves by having fun with their fantastic dram teacher Monica rose. This  all helps to build up their confidence and self esteem, to prepare and up skill them to be able to perform in the live end of term show.  The children’s parents/carers including talent scouts with two individual talent agency’s, local newspapers and the local community will be there on the day of the show !!

Welcome to Fliss’s Fame Academy where Stars are Born!

Fliss's Fame Academy Talent Show Summer 2011

Fliss’s Fame Academy based at the Stowe Centre, 258 Harrow Road, London Borough of Westminster W2 5ES.

There aim is to help young people in the local community too build up confidence and self esteem by getting them into Performing Arts Classes. We help both boys and girls aged from 5 to 14 years old.

If you would like to contact Jaime for more information please call 07957 677 943

or email jaimecoombes@hotmail.co.uk