I would like to highly recommend Fliss Fame Academy to all children. My child Natasha is ADHD and has Aspergers. Before attending the Fliss Fame Academy she found it very hard to socialise and had no confidence. After attending FFA for a few weeks Natasha has made lots of friends and has taken part in 7 shows being the lead role in 4 of them. I have seen a major difference in my daughter. We love Fliss Fame Academy.


My son Joshua is ADHD and due to me not having much money at all being a single parent Fliss’s classes are cheap and very stimulating and helpful to the single parents today. My son has been on 3 outings to Brighton Pier beach, Hampstead Heath Fair and St Mark’s Water Park as a treat for good behaviour he would not of been able to visit these places and experience these beautiful activities in his life without Fliss Fame Academy.


My name is Mia my three daughters Lacey, Nellie and Lexie have been attending FFA for 7 years they have taken part in 23 shows, community events and Festivals. My children are confident and believe in themselves to achieve great things in life due to Fliss Fame Academy and her staff. They have also been talent spotted by ‘Talent Talks’ Agency and worked with an A list music artist Cheryl Cole. They have one six major competitions including performing in the famous Lords Cricket Ground for over 10,000 people. Fliss and her staff are very passionate about their work and help kids live the dream!


good rising i would shout from the roof tops to promote for this academy !! my name is lucie my son jesse is 13 years old and has just started boxing and street dancing at fliss fame academy , fliss doesnt just teach sports and perfroming arts , she really is so passionate about these kids lifes she is teaching, she goes that extra mile , really building the confidence in these kids , jesse was getting into all sorts of problems out on the streets and was developing anger problems in school and at home , she has taught jesse to meditate , release all his emotional traumas his had through mentoring him in her boxing classes , she has taught him balance ,fitness, dicipline ,release ,she has given jesse the opportunity to go out go karting on trips being very happy and settled with others now on the street managing himself in big groups and on his on ,this a major life skill jesse needed to embrace and is like a brand new boy.

lucie xxxxxx