New Thursday Academy in Knightsbridge!

St Columba’s Church, Pont St, London SW1X 0BD

Fliss’s Fame Academy will be making a move over to Knightsbridge each Thursday from 3pm – 5pm doing Street Dance and singing and drama class for both boys and girls aged up to 5yrs to 14yrs old. The new venue will be at the St Columba’s Church, Pont St, London SW1X 0BD
For more information and enquiries contact us

Westbourne Summer Festival 2016

We all had a brilliant time at the Westbourne Summer Festival where the children from Fliss’s Fame Academy performed on the day!

Fliss’s Fame Academy are now touring!

Fliss’s Fame Academy are now touring! We are taking our shows all around London to perform for the sick and elderly. The children are starting to bring joy and beautiful energy to those who can’t get out of hospital or the hospice.  Our first summer show for 2016 was in a nursing home in Cricklewood, Magnolia Court. The kids where amazing and enjoyed every minute of performing for the elderly residents.


Westminster’s Got Talent 2015

Fliss's Fame Academy

Fliss’s Fame Academy won another dancing competition last year at the Westminster’s Got Talent Competition this gave them the opportunity to give a brilliant performance, live, at the Queens Park Festival in front of the local community. Lacey, Georgia, Elexia and Kaycee stunned the crowd with their amazing skills in street dance and with their singing performances.