Welcome to the Fliss Fame Academy, Performing Arts, sports and talent scouting!

The Fliss Fame Academy is a performing arts and talent scout company working alongside the Ignite Performance Academy which is an international talent agency together they will be able to spot the many talented children that attend the Fliss Fame Academy. The children will then get the chance to be signed up for work in the entertainment industry that will include music videos, adverts, TV extra’s, Films and modelling.

The Fliss Fame Academy in West London is  a non for profit company and also runs under the umbrella of the registered charity of the Westminster play association .Fliss Fame Academy was created by Ms Jaime Coombes way back in 2011! Jaime knew that there was a need for young people to have somewhere safe, where they could go after school (and holidays). The academy helps the kids keep off the streets, learn how to express themselves in a positive way, build up their confidence and self esteem for the future. They learn new skills, work towards goals and find their hidden talents by stimulating, educational and motivating activities.

Fliss Fame Academy provides a variety of Performing arts and sporting classes for the young people within the local community of Maida Hill four days a week, and are located at The Stowe Club 258 Harrow Road W2, London.

Stowe sessions run Tuesday and Wednesday from 4pm – 6pm for ages 5 -16 years old and the professional boxing classes run every Friday from 5.30pm – 6.30pm for ages 7years -18years old.

The Fame Academy run adult boxing classes every Friday for the local community from 6.45pm -7.45pm.

The Fliss Fame Academy have other sessions which now takes place in Queens Park at the new QPG Community Hub, 254 Kilburn Lane, Queens Park W10 4BA . Our performing arts classes start from 5.pm – 6.30pm every Thursday evening for children aged 5 -12years old.

QPG have provided their space free of charge for the Fliss Fame Academy’s organisation, as a way of strengthening local initiatives.

The Academy helps the children to learn new skills and develop their individual talents through performing arts. Their main aim is to help build confidence, motivation and self-esteem in the young people of today!
Each individual performing arts class works towards a live end of term performance for  Parents/Carers, local communities, Festivals, local events, children’s hospitals, caring homes and a variety of young peoples talent agencies.

The Fame Academy take part in a wide variety of Talent competitions across London.

The children can now start the Academy at the Stowe club from 3.30 straight after school by joining our ‘snack club’. We try to encourage the young people to eat healthy food and drinks this will help to keep up their energy, concentration, and improve performance in class. Snack club ends at 4pm just as classes start. (Snacks provided by parents/carers)

You will find all the relevant information for the days and times of all the classes on the links below:

Here you will find a current link to all our video shows

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