Fliss Fame Academy is a talent scout company working alongside the Ignite Performance Academy which is an international talent agency together they will be able to spot the many talented children that attend the Fliss Fame Academy. The children will then get the chance to be signed up for work in the entertainment industry that will include music videos, adverts, TV extra’s, Films and modelling.

Our agency will be setting up individual profiles of the children on their agency website for all producers, directors and A list artists to spot the children’s many talents. This will give the kids a big chance of being spotted and signed up in the entertainment industry.
Below are just a few of the videos that we have performed in:

All Star’s / Dance Film Blockbuster (to view click on the link below)

Mr Zip music video – wheres me keys wheres me phone – Rynel Forde
The Kid’s working behind the scene with Mr Zip on his music video ‘Where’s me keys, where’s me phone’! Wicked!!

Live on set with Cheryl Cole

Check out Fliss and the kids hanging out with Cheryl Cole in her new music video!

Zanel Fontain- music video –  Lucy jones, Nadia Paul and Lauren Ford

Film extras – Jordana Peter and Olivia Bolam

Dutch dub step and Carmen – music video- Raindrops
Paige Tirebuck, Molly Mcdonaugh, Nadia Paul, Lauren Ford , Hayley Joyson, Olivia Bolam, Kaycee Willis, Chloe Warren, Fliss Coombes, Jordana Peter, Stanley Asseldem, Rosie Bastein , Candy Taylor.

Cheryl Cole Music video – Under The Sun
Lacey Obrien, Olivia Bolam, Gentiana, Gerogia Santry and Paige Tirebuck.

DEVLIN – RUNAWAY Feat Yasmin (featuring our girl Leah)

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