Art and Design Class

fliss fame academy creative art and fashion class
Kids in the Art & Design Class

 Teachers: Jaime Coombes and Bernadette Fitzgerald

Wednesday 5.15pm – 6pm for ages 5 – 14 yrs old

In the creative Art and Design Classes each child will make their own professional portfolio.

The portfolios will include:

  • All About Me Page
  • Photos of the children creating their work, photo-shoot will be organized
  • All the art work that they produce in the Term will be put into their portfolios

This art portfolio will be an important part of the children’s work. It will show each child’s skills and talents and show how they improve with each lesson. It is also a keepsake that will hold a memory of all the fun they had and remind them everything they have achieved whilst being at Flissy’s Fame Academy!

The Portfolio is a great way of keeping all the work together and can be used in later years (if kept updated) if one wants to go to Art College or pursue a career in Fashion or Art.

The About Me page will have a photo of the young person, their name, age and a paragraph about the child and why they enjoy art. After the information has been written out the page will be decorated.

The portfolio will be in book form, so paper or work will not be misplaced or lost.

Kids on the Catwalk

“The kids will be taking part in a full catwalk show that lasts between 30-60 minutes. I will be teaching the children how to pose, walk, act and move like a model by making each child extremely professional in their work.

All the music for the show will be chosen by the children and staff from this year’s biggest chart toppers. I am completely focused on making this event magical and a fun filled experience for children and staff participating in the show. Every child will help design and create their own arty and fashionable outfits to wear at the show. This will create a long lasting memory for the children and parents/guardians.

This Terms theme is personality and iconism. Each young person has chosen one iconic celebrity to imitate in the show, using their icons fashion sense and personality to suit that child. I have chosen this theme because I want to focus on each child’s individualism, to help their inner confidence and to use their own initiative, skills and talents to present and produce a complete fashion outfit that represents them“. Jaime Coombes

Models range: 5 – 14 years

Each child will be dressed appropriately to suit their age group.


One thought on “Art and Design Class

  1. I am a jewellery maker and have taught children at after school clubs in london and aboard
    I have a passion for teaching children creativity
    Please contact me for details


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