Fliss Fame Academy 2019!

The Fliss Fame Academy has helped over 4000 children over the last seven years in a wide variety of ways! The staff and children are like one big family having produced over 30 live shows over the years. These include performing shows for the elderly and sick by contributing towards McMillan cancer mornings helping to raise cancer awareness and participating in events to save a local church that was under threat and on the at risk register. Four major dance competitions have been won with places gained on major A list music videos including talent agency’s working with artists such as Cheryl Cole, Professor Green, Dubsteps, Wiley, Mr Zip and many more! The children learn all new life skills that help build their confidence and self esteem this in turn will help unearth their hidden talents! But most of all we all have fun! Even the shyest of children have shined so bright by the end of the term! The Fliss Fame Academy holds a space for everyone in 2019!

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